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A Recon Refractory is a Govt registered Specialized manufacturer of complete range of refractory Materials like chemically bonded castable, different castable , Fire bricks and more.

Recon Refractory is a Specialised manufacturer of complete range of refractory Materials like chemically bended castable, different castable , Fire bricks and more.

Low cement castable, insulating refractory and special application based Refractory materials for various industries like cement Steel plants, Thermal power. Plant, Boiler houses, chemical industries and other excellent corrosion erosion abrasion and thermal shock resistant are required.

Recon Refractory has been successfully providing quality solution across PAN India since 2016.

Recon Refractory we are proud to provide Value added service to our client to meet all of their needs. Our commitment to quality assurance is backed by our technically competent sales and service group trained to offer our customers a full Service with satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Recon Refractory assures delivery of quality material for the best results
At Recon Refractory, every product goes through different testing paarameters to make sure that delivered roduct satisfy customer needs.

  • Affordable Price

    Recon Refractory understand your business and make sure to offer best afforadable price

  • Satisfaction

    Recon Refractory is commited for the complete client satisfaction by offering best support and service

  • Wide Range

    Recon Refractory has wide range of product and services to provide you with 360degree refractory solution

  • On-Time Delivery

    Recon Refractory assures on-time delivery of the products and best post-sales support


Recon Refractory has a most advance infrastructure with modern equipment and safety parameters.

Certification ISO

Complete Refractory Solution

BEST REFRACTORY PRODUCT COMPANY If you have any refractory product need, simply call our 24 hour number.

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