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RR FTC Super castable is a chemically bonded castable refractory.It has high strength at all temperature.

Excellent abrasive resistance is achieved when troweled or patched on hot air ductings, plates, bends etc protecting against high velocity , Dusty, Abrasive, hot air!

The castable will set within 5-7 hrs at 35 c temperature.

The ratio of concrete to binder is 5:1 I.e. 20 kgs of binder Liquid to be added to 100 kgs of Concrete.

  • Advantages
  • Specification
  • Wear resistance is excellent.
  • No-special mixer & vibrators are required.
  • Thermal shock resistance better than most conventional Castable.
  • Hot & cold patchable castable.
  • Increasing Strength with rising temperature.
  • Set hard rapidly hence turn round of furnace time is highly reduced.
  • High strength at all temperatures with no zone of weakness.
Description Units RR FTC
Thermal Properties
Services temp. °C 1600
Linear Change %@1400C 3-hrs ±1.00
Refractoriness °C 1650
Physical Properties
Dry Density Kg/m3 2600
CCS Kg.f/cm2 110C 350
1300C 450
Chemical Properties
Alumina(AL203) % 65-75
Ferric(max) % 3-5%
General Properties
Grain Size mm 0-5
Mixing Ratio weight 50kg bag with 10kg binder liquid

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